Nuances of Being A Leader Workshop Recap


The Academy’s most recent workshop, “Nuances of Being a Leader,” took place on Wednesday, July 7th. 


This event was curated to openly discuss and understand the subtleties of leadership which are often overlooked or given little consideration to when developing skills. 


The seminar was designed to involve more interpersonal scenarios and outside-of-the-box thinking that wouldn’t be considered inherently “obvious.” 


As a result, the five key talking points included: Following, Speaking Skills, Inspiring Self-Motivation, Listening and The Impact of Failure and Success. 


These points were identified through a range of activities, which involved Charades, a ‘Codeword’ exercise, Role-Playing and Taboo. 

The interactive portion of the meeting bred four important takeaways all leaders should know: 1. When to Take a Step Back, 2. How to Communicate One-on-One, 3. How to Listen, and 4. How to Effectively Pass on Skills.  

Members responsible for putting this event together are Michael Reisert, Tori Danis, Pierre Fils, Uche Anene, I’jazz Muhammad, Sanyukta Patil, Mohamadreza Arab Baferani, Dana Hamed, Kyle Wade, Haarith Vohra, and Ibtihal Alahmadi.