The John Lof Leadership Academy curriculum acts as a rotating schedule wherein members can start at any point within the program. There is one main theme per semester, and members split up into committees to create workshops based on one of the skills under that theme. All members will be able to take part in each theme throughout their time in John Lof.

Fall 2022

Theme: Learning about the individual leader

  1. Leadership values
  2. Identifying the individual leader
  3. Strength and value

Fall 2023

Theme: Communicating leadership

  1. Public speaking and building confidence
  2. Feedback skills
  3. Conflict resolution

Spring 2023

Theme: Leadership in your career

  1. How to be a leader in your field
  2. Leadership philosophy
  3. Identifying opportunities

    Spring 2024

    Theme: Applying your leadership philosophy

    1. Leading vs. micromanaging, and mentoring
    2. Resource management
    3. Ethics vs. pragmatism, and risk-taking

    Summer 2023

    Theme: Leadership during adversity and diversity

    1. Nuances of being a leader
    2. Cultural competency
    3. Teamwork