Fall 2020: Learning about the Individual Leader

Skills to focus on:

  1. How to be a leader in your field
  2. Leadership philosophy
  3. Identifying opportunties


October 19th - General Meeting
Welcoming new members

October 26th - Strengths and Values Workshop

November 13th - General Meeting 

November 23rd - Leadership Values Workshop 
Discussion led by Dr. Maria Chrysochoou and David Noble

December 4th - Identifying the Individual Leader Workshop
Discussion of quotes from philosophical leaders

Spring 2021: Leadership in Your Field

Skills to focus on:

  1. Leadership in your career
  2. How to be a leader in your field
  3. Identifying opportunities


January 29th - General Meeting

March 5th - Identifying Opportunities Workshop

March 26th - Leadership Philosophy Workshop
Played a game of family feud about the various philosophies of leadership

April 9th - How to be a Leader in Your Field Workshop
Discussion with Doug Young, Dr. Armin Rad, Dr. Leslie Shor, and Dr. Dan Burkey

April 29th - JLLA Game Night
Led by Tori Danis

April 30th - General Meeting

Summer 2021: Leadership during Adversity and Diversity

Skills to focus on:

  1. Nuances of being a leader
  2. Cultural competency
  3. Teamwork


June 16th - General Meeting
Introduction of new e-board members

July 7th - Nuances of being a Leader Workshop

July 21st - Cultural Competency Workshop 

August 4th - Teamwork Workshop

August 11th - General Meeting
Send off for 2019-2021 cohort