Fall 2019: Communicating Leadership

Skills to focus on:

  1. Public speaking and confidence building
  2. Feedback skills
  3. Conflict resolution


October 16th - General Meeting
Updates and welcoming new members

October 23rd - Team Building Workshop
Led by UConn Police Department

November 5th - General Meeting
Committee Selection and event brainstorming

November 7th - Induction Ceremony

November 19th - General Meeting
Event Brainstorming

January 14th - Conflict Resolution Workshop

January 21st - Public Speaking Workshop

February 4th - Feedback Skills Workshop

Spring 2020: Applying Your Leadership Philosophy

Skills to focus on:

  1. Leading vs. micromanaging, and mentoring
  2. Resource management
  3. Ethics vs. pragmatism, and risk-taking


February 18th - General Meeting

March 2nd - General Meeting

April 10th - General Meeting
First meeting on Zoom

April 24th - Conflict Resolution Workshop #2
Led by Donna Douglass Williams, J.D.

May 15th - Mentoring vs. Micromanaging Workshop
Panel with five experienced women in leadership roles



Summer 2020: Navigating COVID-19 and a Call to Action


May 26th - General Meeting
Discussion of MindGarden Results

June 18th - First JLLA Call to Action Meeting

June 22nd - First JLLA Book Club MeetingĀ 
At book club meetings, we discussed anti-racist materials, such as podcasts and movies

July 28rd - General Meeting
Send off for first cohort!