JLLA Pep Rally Re-Cap



On Friday, April 30, President Erik Ammermann hosted the Academy’s virtual Pep Rally event. This meeting altogether featured seven parts; from an alumni powerpoint to the workshop lineup.


The first part of the meeting featured three alumni; Dr. Stephanie Santos, Dr. Randi Mendes and Anna Marie LaChance. These women shared their experiences in the Academy, while emphasizing the extensive leadership opportunities. 


Each prepared a set of informational background slides, describing their work, skills, interests and volunteer experiences. They also spent some time discussing the value of developing leadership skills. 


Dr. Mendes describes, “Without culturally competent visionaries that are able to communicate, collaborate, and create, there would be no progress in society.” 


She continues, “What the Academy strives to do…is to inform and inspire these next-generation leaders in academia, industry, and beyond.”


The later portion of the meeting explored the direction of upcoming workshop seminars, which are unofficially set to take place between late May and the end of July.


This preview included the following event titles: Teamwork, Nuances of Being a Leader, and Cultural Competency. The overall theme of these is leadership through adversity, with a focus on diverse backgrounds.


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