JLLA micromanaging workshop goes virtual during the pandemic

The John Lof Leadership Academy (JLLA) is persisting with the Spring 2020 curriculum- Applying Your Leadership Philosophy– and hosting a second virtual workshop during the COVID-19 pandemic via Zoom.

JLLA member I’jaaz Muhhamad planned the virtual workshop on May 15, focused on micromanagement in the context of mentorship. Five experienced women in leadership roles attended the workshop to answer questions and train members to engage with effective mentoring techniques.

“One of my main takeaways was how key communication is to getting people to listen and mentor,” said I’Jaaz. “We also learned the difference between coaching, mentoring and sponsoring other people and their specific roles in interpersonal communication and relationships when it comes to power dynamics.”

Members had two hours dedicated to understanding the nuances of leadership and how individual leadership style can be applied in an effective way. Vice President of JLLA, Stephany Santos, said that viewing leadership on a more individual level can make for more genuine and effective mentorships.

Having leaders from both academia and industry provided insight into how these skills apply to their individual career goals. Muhhamad emphasized understanding “how to lead is never really about the leader; it’s about how the mentee is retaining the information given, if they even want to receive that information.”

JLLA President Randi Mendes lauded the guest speakers, because “one of the big things [JLLA is] trying to do is to develop the individual leader and help each person develop their strengths to be the leader they want to be,” she said. “This program aims to overcome the cookie-cutter version of what a leader is or should be.”