Curriculum and Events

John Lof Leadership Academy curriculum acts as a rotating schedule wherein members can start at any point within the program.

Spring 2020 Curriculum Theme: Applying Your Leadership Philosophy

Skills to focus on:

  1. Leading vs. Micromanaging, and Mentoring, 
  2. Resource management 
  3. Ethics vs. pragmatism, and Risk-taking

(Tentative Schedule)

February 18th - General Meeting

March 3rd - General Meeting

March 17th - Ethics vs. Pragmatism Workshop

March 31st - General Meeting

April 14th - Resource Management Workshop

April 21st - Leading & Mentoring vs. Micromanaging Workshop


Fall 2019 Curriculum Theme: Communicating Leadership

Skills to focus on:

  1. Public speaking and confidence building, 
  2. Feedback skills
  3. Conflict resolution


October 16th - General Meeting
Updates and welcoming new members

October 23rd - Team Building Workshop
Led by UConn Police Department

November 5th - General Meeting
Committee Selection and event brainstorming

November 7th - Induction Ceremony

November 19th - General Meeting
Event Brainstorming

January 14th - Conflict Resolution Workshop

January 21st - Public Speaking Workshop

February 4th - Feedback Skills Workshop

Spring 2019 Curriculum Theme: Leadership in your Career

Skills to focus on:

  1. How to be a leader in your field, 
  2. Leadership philosophy, 
  3. Identifying Opportunities


January 23rd - General Meeting
How to Motivate Others

February 25th - Outreach Event
Illing Middle School in Manchester, CT

March 14th - Academia Committee Workshop
Finding your fit and understanding the job search

March 30th - Entrepreneurship Committee Workshop
Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Big 7

April 29th - Workshop
The Introvert/Extrovert Leader

Fall 2018: Curriculum Theme: Learning about the Individual Leader

Skills to focus on:

  1. Leadership values
  2. Identifying the Individual Leader
  3. Strength and values


August 24th - General Meeting
Myers Briggs Strength Finder

September 20th - General Meeting
Committee Updates and Competing Values Cultures Assessment

September 29th - Graduate Involvement Fair

October 3rd - Job Search Strategies Workshop
Planned by Industry Committee

October 12th - LinkedIn and Formal Email Writing Workshop

October 17th - General Meeting
Committee Updates and Brainstorming, Developing your individual leadership philosophy - led by the leadership committee

November 14th - General Meeting
Committee Event Submission and Leadership Philosophy and Goal Setting

Summer 2019 Curriculum Theme: Leadership during Adversity and Diversity

Skills to focus on:

  1. Nuances of being a leader, 
  2. Cultural competency
  3. Teamwork


May 16th - Team Building Workshop
Led by UConn Police Department

July 11th - How to Lead Under Stress
Led by UConn Public Safety (Chief Rhynhart)

June 13th - Shark Tank Workshop
Led by Dr. Analou, Dr. Bozorgmanesh, & Kevin Bouley

August 5th - Culturally Conscious Leadership
Standing up for others led by Micah Heumann