John Lof Leadership Academy Leads Conflict Resolution Workshop

John Lof Leadership Academy (JLLA) members have developed a cycling curriculum for their 2-year leadership training. Within this curriculum, each semester has a target leadership goal or theme and a set of three skills in which the members focus on.  Throughout the semester, the members plan and coordinate active learning and training workshops. The workshops target these skills with a larger focus on leadership.

The Fall 2019 Semester theme was “Communicating Leadership”.  The skills for this semester were (1) public speaking, (2) feedback skills, and (3) conflict resolution.

On January 14th, the conflict resolution committee, led by Anna Marie LaChance, worked with Katherine Kenyon from the Office of Institutional Equity at UConn. Katherine led a 2 hour training on the causes of conflict. The training focused on policy, student rights, and civility and incivility.

Katharine led a hands-on activity meant to initiate a discussion about conflict. She had JLLA members form two separate groups and build a structure. The groups had to then write instructions for the other group on how recreate their structure.  Finally, Katherine led a discussion regarding the issues everyone ran into into within the activity and identify areas where conflict had arisen.








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