John Lof Leadership Academy Inducts Second Cohort

The John Lof Leadership Academy (JLLA) inducted its most recent class on November 7th, 2019 during a formal ceremony held at the Innovation Partnership Building (IPB) lobby. The new class includes 15 graduate students from Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The inductees were chosen via a rigorous application process that examined not only their impressive academic standing and achievements but also their past experiences and commitment towards engaging with different communities.

The dean of the School of Engineering Kazem Kazerounian, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education Leslie Shor, and Director of Graduate Outreach and Diversity Aida Ghiaei were among the School of Engineering leadership who attended the induction ceremony. Kazerounian, Shor, and Ghiaei in their respective remarks iterated the uniqueness of the JLLA not only at UConn but in the United States. Ghiaei, who also serves as an adviser to the JLLA executive board also informed the attendees of the different initiatives introduced by the JLLA during the past year. The new inductees were presented with induction certificates as mementos to remember the occasion. The two newly elected executive board members were announced and introduced with the rest of the group as well.

The following students were inducted into JLLA this semester:

    1. Ayana Ghosh, Materials Science & Engineering

    2. Douglas Hendrix, Materials Science & Engineering

    3. Erik Ammermann, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

    4. Haarith Vohra, Computer Science, and Engineering

    5. Giovanna Fusco, Civil & Environmental Engineering

    6. Ibtihal Alahmadi, Biomedical Engineering

    7. I’jaaz Muhammad, Biomedical Engineering

    8. Michael Reisert, Materials Science, and Engineering

    9. Mikayla Moody, Biomedical Engineering

    10. Mohammed Albayati, Mechanical Engineering

    11. Pierre Fils, Civil & Environmental Engineering

    12. Sudipta Chowdhury, Civil & Environmental Engineering

    13. Thomas Moran, Materials Science, and Engineering

    14. Tori Danis, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

    15. Uchenna Anene, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering


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