John Lof Workshop #3: Identifying Opportunities

On Thursday April 20th the John Lof Leadership Academy will be hosting their third workshop of the semester. The workshop is named “Identifying Opportunities” and is designed to help individuals develop their skills in recognizing and pursuing opportunities that align with their goals, aspirations, and values. During the workshop, participants will be guided through a process of identifying potential opportunities, evaluating them, and deciding which ones to pursue. They will learn how to assess the feasibility and potential of an opportunity, and how to develop a plan to take advantage of it. The workshop may also include real-world examples to demonstrate how successful individuals and organizations have identified and capitalized on opportunities. A guest speaker (Dr. Leila Daneshmandi) has been invited to the workshop to help us identify the above-mentioned.

The workshop will also include an activity where participants will share about one opportunity they have missed and followed by that some discussion of the importance of identifying opportunities and how it can help individuals or teams to achieve their objectives. Overall participants will be engaged in group discussions, and brainstorming sessions to help them develop their skills in these areas.