Meet Wei Ruan

Wei Ruan, a dedicated Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering at UConn set to graduate in May 2025, embarked on this academic journey after completing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University, with advisor Prof. Kelly Burke.

Wei’s choice to join UConn’s Chemical Engineering program was driven by the university’s exceptional reputation, the expertise of its faculty, and the abundance of cutting-edge research opportunities.

As a member of the John Lof Leadership Academy (JLLA), Wei actively participates in the program’s activities. His current research revolves around the fabrication of polymer thin films, a dynamic field with promising potential.

While internships haven’t been part of Wei’s journey so far, he envisions exploring these opportunities in the future. With his graduation on the horizon, he plans to engage in conferences and projects, further honing his leadership skills and expanding his horizons.

For Wei, JLLA isn’t just about leadership development; it’s a platform that fosters connections with peers from diverse perspectives. Through workshops and networking, JLLA has provided Wei with numerous chances and opportunities to build valuable connections.