Meet Ben Cohen

Before embarking on his academic journey at UConn, Ben served as a systems test engineer, primarily focusing on separation technologies.

Ben’s decision to join UConn stemmed from his passion for process modeling, simulation, and optimization/control. Additionally, he chose to become a member of JLLA to explore leadership in various facets of life and give himself the space to grow, with advisors George Bollas and Burcu Beykal, Ph.D., guiding his path.

In his role as Financial Director for JLLA, Ben takes charge of preparing the budget and ensuring the academy adheres to it throughout the year. He also plays a pivotal role in securing the necessary funds to achieve the academy’s goals, contributing to its success.

Ben’s current research revolves around the application of physics and machine learning to convert data into human-interpretable models. His broader research interests encompass physics-informed, computer-aided hypothesis generation and testing, offering promising contributions to the field.

Through his dedication to leadership and financial management, Ben embodies the spirit of JLLA, working diligently to shape a brighter future for himself and his academic community.