Meet Antigoni Konstantinou

Antigoni Konstantinou’s academic journey is marked by dedication and ambition. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Materials Science at the University of Patras (UPatras) in Greece. In 2019, she ventured abroad as a Research Scholar in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware (UD). In January 2021, she proudly joined the UConn family.

Antigoni aspires to become a respected Professor after completing her Ph.D. at UConn. She’s deeply committed to honing her leadership skills, drawing inspiration from her advisor, Professor Yang Cao. As President of the John Lof Leadership Academy (JLLA), she empowers UConn’s graduate student community, especially female STEM students, by nurturing essential leadership skills.

Antigoni’s research focuses on nanostructured insulation materials for motors, bridging Materials Science and Electrical Engineering. She crafts polymer composites to protect motors from high electric fields, utilizing materials preparation and electrical engineering techniques.

Her academic excellence has earned her prestigious fellowships, including the General Electric (GE) Fellow of Excellence and the Materials Science Predoctoral Fellowship for three consecutive years. She actively contributes to the academic community as a former Secretary of the Materials Research Society (MRS) UConn chapter.

Antigoni’s graduate journey imparts crucial lessons: Listen, Observe, Process, and Share: Embrace the graduate school experience by actively engaging, observing keenly, processing thoughtfully, and seeking assistance when needed.

Antigoni credits the John Lof Leadership Academy for her personal and professional growth, and she aspires to become a Professor who nurtures students’ dreams and passions, fostering a sense of community in academia.